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Last Call! 'Art of Hand-Drawn Game Guides' Now Available to Pre-Order!

Hello everyone,

I hope you're all well. Just as a heads up, this is the last time I'll be emailing about this Kickstarter to everyone from the Gumroad shop. I try to be respectful when using this email list, so I hope the few updates I've sent over the duration of this Kickstarter campaign have been okay. Anyway, lets get started!

This morning we unlocked our final campaign stretch goal. We're currently offering a physical version of 'The Art of Hand-Drawn Game Guides' to backers on our new 4 book bundle tier. If you pledged for one book and would like to order it separately, you can wait until the campaign ends and grab it through BackerKit. This book is Kickstarter exclusive. It won't be offered outside of Kickstarter. Also, the digital version, which now comes with every single physical book order will remain Kickstarter exclusive as well. This won't be released on the Gumroad shop. The book will contain sketches, notes, doodles and all sorts of odds and ends that were created during the process of making all the guides. It's a raw, and personal look into how I approach this stuff. I really hope you enjoy it.

The Hand-Drawn Game Guides campaign ends in 3 days! 72 hours remain. If you haven't pledged yet, some things have changed since the campaign started. First, every single physical book pledge (starting at $25 for a single book) will come with the full digital library of Hand-Drawn Game Guides. So say you pledge just for the Zelda book, you're going to get the full digital library including Contra, Ninja Gaiden, Zelda, Metroid AND the Art of book. We're aiming to get the digital version of Metroid into everyone's hands as soon as the campaign ends. Second, every single physical book pledge will get our gold foil Metroid theme bookplate that will also be hand signed by yours truly. 

Thanks to the generosity and excitement of everyone during this campaign we're able to offer all these awesome bonuses. I hope you're as excited about them as we are. Thank you so much for taking the time to read this email and support this campaign. I can't thank you enough.


Last Call for the Hand-Drawn Game Guides Kickstarter!

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