The Art of Hand-Drawn Game Guides

Hand-Drawn Game Guides
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Take a tour through the concepts, sketches and notes that helped bring Hand-Drawn Game Guides to life! Pay what you want for over 80 pages of content.


This 'Art of' book was "unlocked" during the Hand-Drawn Game Guides Kickstarter campaign. That campaign, as we know, was unfortunately shut down due to a copyright claim. While the campaign has ended, and the actual guide books have been scattered to different homes around the internet, I'm pleased to offer this raw look into Hand-Drawn Game Guides with this digital artbook of what would have been.

This book does not contain any guides. What you get are literally sketches and concepts I made during the creation of these books to help shape what these books would become. There are pages with character concepts, notes, thumbnails, and scribbles. While I have grouped the different games together, the information is not presented in any real clear structure. It's as if you were flipping through my actual notebooks.

I hope you enjoy this behind the scenes look at Hand-Drawn Game Guides.

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  • Size24.8 MB
  • Length42 pages


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The Art of Hand-Drawn Game Guides

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